English - Turkish

  1. (İnsanlar) buluşmak: "They suggested we meet up at Mustafa's."
  2. (Yollar) birleşmek, buluşmak: "If roads or paths meet up, they join at a particular place."
  3. rastlaşmak Dilbilim
  4. tesadüfen karşılaşmak Dilbilim
  5. buluşmak için

English - English

  1. see meet 1, 2
  2. An arranged informal meeting - "We had our meet-up in the local library, because of its central location."


About This Word

    Etymology [ 'mEt ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English meten, from Old English mEtan; akin to Old English gemOt assembly; more at MOOT.
    Common Collocations meet up with
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