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English - Turkish

Definition of be sold out in English Turkish dictionary

  1. Satılmış, artık satılık olmayan
  2. hepsi satılmak
  3. kalmamak
  4. Related Terms
  5. bitmek : be out
  6. yanmak : be out
  7. söz konusu olmamak : be out
  8. hepsini satmak : sold out
  9. grev yapmak : be out
  10. çıkmış olmak : be out
  11. hepsi satılmış, tükenmiş. "All flat panel TVs are sold out" , "Tüm düz ekran TV ler satılmış" : sold out
  12. hepsi satıldı, kalmadı : sold out
  13. dışarıda olmak: He's out at the moment. Şu an burada değil : be out
  14. grevde olmak : be out
  15. (belirli bir miktar para) gitmek; (para) açığı olmak: I had to buy them : be out
  16. dışarıda olmak : be out
  17. evde olmak Fiili Deyim : be out
  18. bitti : sold out
English - English

Definition of be sold out in English English dictionary

    Related Terms
  1. ran out, were snatched up, were completely sold : sold out
  2. If a shop is sold out of something, it has sold all of it that it had. The stores are sometimes sold out of certain groceries. see also sell out : sold out
  3. If a performance, sports event, or other entertainment is sold out, all the tickets for it have been sold. The premiere on Monday is sold out : sold out
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    bi sōld aut


    /bē ˈsōld ˈout/ /biː ˈsoʊld ˈaʊt/

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