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  1. bumper Otomotiv
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  1. a glass filled with liquor to the brim noun : bumper
  2. A device for stopping railroad cars at the end of a spur track : bumper
  3. means a short non-commercial announcement in the nature of "we'll be right back" : bumper
  4. Cadillac first offered optional front bumper in 1912; front and rear bumpers came into use in 1926 : bumper
  5. A part placed on the front and back of vehicles used to absorb damage during an accident There are various types of bumper models, depending on the year and make of your vehicle Most bumpers contain energy absorbers and a reinforcement bar for extra protection in an accident Depending on the amount of damage, bumpers can be repaired : bumper
  6. A device for reducing impact when a moving crane or trolley reaches the end of its permitted travel, or when two moving cranes or trolleys come into contact This device may be attached to the bridge, trolley or runway stop : bumper
  7. a mechanical device consisting of bars at either end of a vehicle to absorb shock and prevent serious damage : bumper
  8. a glass filled to the brim (especially as a toast); "we quaffed a bumper of ale" : bumper
  9. Device that stops cars at end of a stub track : bumper
  10. A short announcement inserted between a program segment and the first commercial in an AVAIL Especially used in children's programs Examples: "Bugs Bunny will return after these messages " "And now back to the Big Movie" May also be called TRANSITION : bumper
  11. An internal compression stop Generally a molded rubber part attached inside an air actuator (058) : bumper
  12. Bumpers are bars at the front and back of a vehicle which protect it if it bumps into something : bumper
  13. protective pieces of metal (or other material) on the front and back of a car; something which is very large isim : bumper
  14. large and plentiful sıfat : bumper
  15. A bumper crop or harvest is one that is larger than usual. a bumper crop of rice In the state of Iowa, it's been a bumper year for corn : bumper
  16. If you say that something is bumper size, you mean that it is very large. bumper profits. a bumper pack of matches. unusually large bumper crop/harvest : bumper
  17. The graphic (and usually musical sting) which is used at the beginning and end of the parts of report : bumper
  18. a rubber like (polymer based) device inserted into a knee or ankle component as a resistance or extension aid Bumpers come in different durometers (color coded) which allow the amputee to have different resistance levels C (back to top) CAT/CAM, (Contoured Anterior Trochanteric/Controlled Alignment Method): The popular term coined by John Sabolich, CPO for his socket shape derived from the work of Ivan Long, CP The term was replaced by the trademarked name "Sabolich Socket" do to internal conflicts within the prosthetic industry that prohibited trade-marking CAT/CAM in the United Sates : bumper
  19. Loud thuds, which could shake a whole underground district, believed to be caused by the above strata settling after the removal of the coal More frequently heard at night : bumper
  20. Wall protector for sliding shower door assembly designed to cushion impact : bumper
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