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  1. accessory Askeri
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  1. one who aids in or gives countenance noun : accessory
  2. Refers to a power-operated feature on a car For instance, power windows and power locks would be considered accessories : Accessory
  3. Thing that is extra, helpful, useful, but not essential part of : Accessory
  4. A person who assists in the commission of a crime either before or after the fact : Accessory
  5. A person who assists in the commission of a crime, either before or after the fact : Accessory
  6. Something that belongs to a resource, but which is not itself a proper resource Generally, accessories are the various odds and ends which belong with a resource, such as a lense cap or monitor cable These items are not tracked in inventory, yet are useful to tick off during the checkout or return process They are listed on the resource detail screen's Components tab See Also: Component : Accessory
  7. An element which describes an accessory for an organ, console, keyboard or division : Accessory
  8. An extra building product : Accessory
  9. A person who assists in the commission of a crime, either before or after the commission of the crime : Accessory
  10. An item or service selected on an order designed for use with a base item An accessory is not required to be ordered, while an option usually must be selected from the available choices (ex - in ordering a laptop computer a carrying case is an accessory, while one option selection from the hard drive choices must be taken) accounts payable- A current liability; the financial obligation created by the receipt of items and services not yet paid for Also used to refer to the department that matches vendor invoices to receipts, prioritizes and selects invoices for payment, and performs the check processing/disbursement cycle : Accessory
  11. relating to something that is added but is not essential; "an ancillary pump"; "an adjuvant discipline to forms of mysticism"; "The mind and emotions are auxilliary to each other" : Accessory
  12. A person that helps someone else commit a crime, either before or after the crime : Accessory
  13. clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing : Accessory
  14. a supplementary component that improves capability : Accessory
  15. someone who helps another person commit a crime : Accessory
  16. supplementary part; something which complements an outfit (i.e. purse, scarf, etc.); partner in crime, one who helps another commit a crime (Law) isim : accessory
  17. supplementary, auxiliary, aiding in a secondary way sıfat : accessory
  18. If someone is guilty of being an accessory to a crime, they helped the person who committed it, or knew it was being committed but did not tell the police. She was charged with being an accessory to the embezzlement of funds. = accomplice : accessory
  19. Accessories are articles such as belts and scarves which you wear or carry but which are not part of your main clothing : accessory
  20. Accessories are items of equipment that are not usually essential, but which can be used with or added to something else in order to make it more efficient, useful, or decorative. an exclusive range of hand-made bedroom and bathroom accessories : accessory
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