English - Turkish

  1. en tuhaf
  2. en acayip
  3. tuhaf sıfat weird
  4. acayip weird
  5. kader ile ilgili weird
  6. garipsin weird
  7. alelacayip weird
  8. esrarengiz weird
  9. acibe weird
  10. tekinsiz weird
  11. anlaşılmaz sıfat weird
  12. garip, acayip, tuhaf sıfat weird
  13. esrarlı weird
  14. büyü weird
  15. cins weird

English - English

  1. superlative of weird
  2. Deviating from the normal; bizarre weird
  3. Having an unusually strange character or behaviour weird
  4. Having supernatural or preternatural power weird
  5. fate or destiny - "In the weird of death shall the hapless be whelmed, and from Doom’s dark prison / Shall she steal forth never again." weird
  6. Of or pertaining to the Fates weird
  7. The Fates weird
  8. To make someone feel strange - "Hey man, you’re weirding me out." weird
  9. dodgy - "I'm feeling dodgy today, probably got the flu." weird.
  10. fate, destiny isim weird
  11. suggesting the operation of supernatural influences; "an eldritch screech"; "the three weird sisters"; "stumps had uncanny shapes as of monstrous creatures"- John Galsworthy; "an unearthly light"; "he could hear the unearthly scream of some curlew piercing the din"- Henry Kingsley weird
  12. strikingly odd or unusual; "some trick of the moonlight; some weird effect of shadow"- Bram Stoker weird
  13. Fate personified; one of the three Weird Sisters weird
  14. If you describe something or someone as weird, you mean that they are strange. He's different. He's weird Drugs can make you do all kinds of weird things It must be really weird to be rich. very strange and unusual, and difficult to understand or explain (weird (11-18 centuries), from wyrd) weird
  15. strange, odd, queer; mysterious, unearthly, supernatural; concerned with fate or destiny (Archaic) sıfat weird
  16. Fate; destiny; one of the Fates, or Norns; also, a prediction weird
  17. To foretell the fate of; to predict; to destine to weird
  18. Of or pertaining to witchcraft; caused by, or suggesting, magical influence; supernatural; unearthly; wild; as, a weird appearance, look, sound, etc weird
  19. Of or pertaining to fate; concerned with destiny weird
  20. A spell or charm weird


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    Pronunciation /ˈwərdəst/ /ˈwɪrdəst/
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