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  1. şamandra water gauge
  2. su terazisi water gauge
  3. su seviyesi göstergesi water gauge
  4. şamandıra water gauge

English - English

  1. A glass column which displays water levels water gauge
  2. sight glass water gauge.
  3. See Gauge water gauge
  4. gauge for indicating the level of water in e water gauge
  5. a tank or boiler or reservoir water gauge
  6. An instrument for measuring or ascertaining the depth or quantity of water, or for indicating the height of its surface, as in the boiler of a steam engine water gauge
  7. A wall or bank to hold water back water gauge
  8. An instrument indicating the level of water, as in a boiler, tank, reservoir, or stream water gauge
  9. Fitted to the boiler in a locomotives cab the water gauge shows the level of water in the boiler The gauge is usually a strong glass tube, which lead to sayings such a ‘half a glass’ when referring to boiler water level It is often surrounded by a protective cage to prevent it being knocked, and also to prevent broken glass being sprayed around the cab if it should break water gauge
  10. Water Gauge - A scale of measurement for measuring the effectiveness of the suction of a vacuum One measures the effectiveness by attaching a vacuum to a column of water (such as in a tube) and then measuring how many inches the water rises as the vacuum exhausts the air from the tube water gauge
  11. gauge for indicating the level of water in e g a tank or boiler or reservoir water gauge
  12. gauge that indicates the water level (such as in a tank or boiler or reservoir) water gauge

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