tytuł prawny

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Polonyaca - İngilizce
legal title
"Registered ownership" of an asset Refers to the person(s) whose name is on the deed, signature card, registration certificate, etc
Usually title without ownership rights, such as the title placed in a trustee under a deed of trust, or the title in a vendor under a land contract
A right in the nature of ownership cognizable by, and enforceable in, a court of law Thus, the legal title to land conveyed remains in the vendor until all the purchase money has been paid; while the vendee acquires an equitable title only Jennisons v Leonard, 21 Wall 309 (1874)
the name of a federal organization that appears in the enabling legislation (Act), Proclamation, Order in Council or other instrument used by the federal government to bring a federal organization into existence
>> The manner in which property ownership is recorded with the county in which the property is located
legal ownership, lawful title (Law)
The bundle of rights of ownership that a person acquires in purchasing a piece of property, which may be defended against competing interests
a collection of rights of ownership that are defined or recognized by law or that could be successfully defended in a court of law
tytuł prawny