English - Turkish

  1. turban (turban)
  2. sarik (turban)
  3. sarık (turban)
  4. turbanedsarıklı (turban)
  5. sarığa benzer kadın başlığı (turban)
  6. türban/sarık (turban)
  7. türban (turbans)
  8. sarıklı (turbaned)
  9. türbanlı (turbaned)
  10. türbanlı/sarıklı (turbaned)

English - English

  1. Man’s headdress made by winding a length of cloth round the head (turban)
  2. Woman’s close-fitting hat with little or no brim (turban)
  3. turban (Turban)
  4. Man's head-dress made by winding a length of cloth round the head (turban)
  5. Woman's close-fitting hat with little or no brim (turban)
  6. type of headdress consisting of a cloth wrapped around the head; close-fitting brimless hat worn by women isim (turban)
  7. The whole set of whorls of a spiral shell (turban)
  8. A turban is a long piece of cloth that is wound round the head. It is worn by Sikh men and by some Hindu and Muslim men. a long piece of cloth that you wind tightly round your head, worn by men in parts of North Africa and Southern Asia and sometimes by women as a fashion (turbante, from tülbend, from dulband) (turban)
  9. a traditional Muslim headdress consisting of a long scarf wrapped around the head (turban)
  10. A kind of headdress worn by women (turban)
  11. headress made of a thick roll of material, sometimes worn with a long trail hanging down the side (turban)
  12. A headdress worn by men in the Levant and by most Mohammedans of the male sex, consisting of a cap, and a sash, scarf, or shawl, usually of cotton or linen, wound about the cap, and sometimes hanging down the neck (turban)
  13. a headdress worn chiefly in countries of the eastern Mediterranean and southern Asia especially by Muslims and made of a cap around which is wound a long cloth; a headdress resembling a Muslim turban, specifically a woman's close-fitting hat without a brim (turban)
  14. a small round woman's hat (turban)
  15. turribant (A turban)
  16. turband (A turban)
  17. turbant (A turban)
  18. with a turban, wearing a turban sıfat (turbaned)
  19. Wearing a turban (turbaned)
  20. plural of turban (turbans)

Turkish - English

  1. turban (turban)


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