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1topluluk adı gram collective noun
2collective noun A noun which, though singular, refers to a group of things or animals. Examples: a school of fish, a pride of lions
3collective noun a noun that is singular in form but refers to a group of people or things
4collective noun A collective noun is a noun such as `family' or `team' that refers to a group of people or things. In American usage, a collective noun takes a singular verb when it refers to the collection considered as a whole, as in The family was united on this question. The enemy is suing for peace. It takes a plural verb when it refers to the members of the group considered as individuals, as in My family are always fighting among themselves. The enemy were showing up in groups of three or four to turn in their weapons. In British usage, however, collective nouns are more often treated as plurals: The government have not announced a new policy. The team are playing in the test matches next week. A collective noun should not be treated as both singular and plural in the same construction; thus The family is determined to press its (not their) claim. Among the common collective nouns are committee, clergy, company, enemy, group, family, flock, public, and team. See Usage Note at group. a noun, such as 'family' or 'flock', that is the name of people or things considered as a unit
5collective noun noun which has a singular form yet has a plural meaning (people, herd, etc.); name that denotes a group or collection of things or people or places  isim