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  1. kaplama Askeri
  2. şlam çukuru
  3. çamur çukuru
  4. borda kaplaması
  5. (denizcilik) bir sıra borda kaplaması; tekerlek çemberi
  6. borda kaplamasının bir sırası
  7. (isim) borda kaplamasının bir sırası
  8. kaplama/jant
  9. bir sıra borda kaplaması
  10. tekerlek çemberi
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  1. A type of aerodynamic surface mounted on an aircraft fuselage to fine-tune the airflow
  2. An iron fitting of a medieval cart wheel
  3. To stretch
  4. A continuous line of plates or planks running from bow to stern that contributes to a vessel's skin. (FM 55-501)
  5. a plate of iron, seam, bredth, track noun
  6. A type of aerodynamic surface on an aircraft fuselage
  7. A continuous line of plates or planks running from bow to stern that contributes to a vessels skin
  8. To stretch [akin to Old English: streccan]
  9. thick plank forming a ridge along the side of a wooden ship
  10. Planks running fore and aft on the outside of a vessel
  11. A streak
  12. A single continuous line of planking or metal plating extending on a vessel's hull from stem to stern
  13. of Strike
  14. An iron band by which the fellies of a wheel are secured to each other, being not continuous, as the tire is, but made up of separate pieces
  15. One breadth of planks or plates forming a continuous range on the bottom or sides of a vessel, reaching from the stem to the stern; a streak
  16. A hull plank
  17. A continuous line of planks running from bow to stern
  18. A range of planks abutting against each other and extending the whole length of the ship
  19. One line of hull planking extending the full length of the vessel Several planks, placed end to end, may form a strake Strakes may be defined according to position as follows: the garboard strake is the lowest and rabbets into the keel; the sheer strake, directly below the upper edge of the hull side, is a heavy strake which forms the curve of the top-side, and acts as a chief strengthening agent there A wale is the heaviest strengthening stake, located midway between the waterline and the sheer
  20. A row of hull or deck plates Their position is indicated by a capital letter, starting with A for the strake alongside the keel Several strakes have very nautical sounding names as well, e g : garboard strake also sand strake (next to the keel), bilge strake also closing strake (at the turn of the bilge), sheer strake (at the upper edge of the hull along the maindeck)
  21. small stabilizer on aircraft surface (Kfir nose section)
  22. A trough for washing broken ore, gravel, or sand; a launder
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  24. streak : A strake
  25. straik : A strake
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    [ 'strAk ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English; akin to Old English streccan to stretch; more at STRETCH.

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