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half sovereign
sovereign airspace
sovereign authority
sovereign base area
sovereign contempt
Sovereign Council
sovereign debt
sovereign entity
sovereign function
sovereign immunity
Sovereign Military O..
sovereign power
sovereign powers
sovereign right
sovereign risk
sovereign state
sovereign states
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Etymology: (noun.) 13th century. From Old French soverain, from Vulgar Latin root *superānus (cf. Italian sovrano, Spanish soberano) or possibly from Late Latin *superregnus, corresponding to Old French sur (“over”) regne (“reign”).
Synonyms: autonomous, supreme, king, monarch, queen, absolute, ascendant, chief, commanding, directing, effectual, efficacious, excellent, guiding, highest, imperial, independent, lofty, majestic
Antonyms: inferior, submissive, subservient, servant
1 egemen  sıfat
2 hükümdar  isim
3 kral
4 padişah
5 egemen güç  isim
6 iktidardaki  sıfat
7 iktidardaki parti  isim
8 bağımsız ülke  isim
9 yüce  sıfat
10 han
11 etkili (ilaç)
12 en yüksek
13 sınırsız
14 hakim
15 mükemmel
16 âlâ
17 ingiliz altın lirası
18 mutlâk
19 tesirli/egemen
20 birebir (ilaç)  sıfat
21 çok büyük  sıfat
22 bağımsız  sıfat
23 bir çeşit İngiliz altını (para)  isim
24 özerk (devlet)  sıfat
25 en büyük siyasi iktidara sahip, egemen  sıfat
26 altın ingiliz lirası
27 çok tesirli
28 hükümdarca
29 sovereignlymutlak surette
30 altın lira/hükümdar
31 mutlak, sınırsız  sıfat
32 şahane
33 hâkimane
34sovran Bkz. sovereign
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35 Having supreme, ultimate power
36 Extremely potent or effective (of a medicine, remedy etc.) - "The soueraigne weede betwixt two marbles plaine / She pownded small, and did in peeces bruze, / And then atweene her lilly handes twaine, / Into his wound the iuyce thereof did scruze ."
37 Exercising power of rule - "sovereign nation"
38 A monarch; the ruler of a country
39 Exceptional in quality
40 One who is not a subject to a ruler or nation
41 A very large champagne bottle with the capacity of about 25 liters, equivalent to 33⅓ standard bottles
42 A gold coin minted by the United Kingdom
43 The Queen or King
44 having supreme power over a given area; free from threats of external control
45 A gold coin of Great Britain, on which an effigy of the head of the reigning king or queen is stamped, valued at one pound sterling, or about $4
47 20 shillings Small gold coin Rarely used
48 English gold coin with a nominal (face) value of GBP 1 Coins minted after 1974 with the picture of Queen Elizabeth II are known as "new sovereigns"
49 sovran  isim
50 A person or body of persons in whom the supreme power of the state is vested
51 possessed of supreme power unlimited in extent enjoying autonomy
52 A person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested; a chief ruler with supreme power; a king or other ruler with limited power [Bl]
53 Predominant; greatest; utmost; paramount
54 Independent of, and unlimited by, any other; possessing, or entitled to, original authority or jurisdiction; as, a sovereign state; a sovereign discretion
55 independent of all others; supreme in power, rank, or authority
56 Princely; royal
57 Efficacious in the highest degree; effectual; controlling; as, a sovereign remedy
58 Any butterfly of the tribe Nymphalidi, or genus Basilarchia, as the ursula and the viceroy
59 a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right greatest in status or authority or power; "a supreme tribunal
60 The person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested; especially, in a monarchy, a king, queen, or emperor
61 having the right to rule, having supreme rank; independent, self-governing; highest, supreme, paramount; effective, potent  sıfat
62 Supreme or highest in power; superior to all others; chief; as, our sovereign prince
63 monarch, king, queen, ruler; former gold coin of the United Kingdom  isim
64 Above or superior to all others; chief; greatest; supreme dominion or power
65 A person or group that has independent and supreme authority over a state or nation
66 of political bodies; "an autonomous judiciary"; "a sovereign state"
67 greatest in status or authority or power; "a supreme tribunal"
68 a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right
69 A sovereign state or country is independent and not under the authority of any other country. The Russian Federation declared itself to be a sovereign republic. = autonomous
70 A sovereign is a king, queen, or other royal ruler of a country. In March 1889, she became the first British sovereign to set foot on Spanish soil. = monarch
71 Sovereign is used to describe the person or institution that has the highest power in a country. Sovereign power will continue to lie with the Supreme People's Assembly
72Sovereign. sceptral - "But he / Right wrathfully / Bears on his sceptral soul unbent / And rules thereby the heavenly seed,..."
73sovereignly in a sovereign manner, supremely
74sovereignly In a sovereign manner; in the highest degree; supremely
75sovereigns plural of sovereign
76sovran A variant of Sovereign
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