Turkish - English

  1. voice isim
  2. sound
  3. noise
  4. audio
  5. strain Muzik
  6. whoosh
  7. vocal
  8. patter
  9. sonic
  10. beat
  11. vol Bilgisayar
  12. phone Dilbilim
  13. sounds Bilgisayar
  14. tone
  15. phonetic
  16. shout isim
  17. vibration and harshness Otomotiv
  18. to sound
  19. the sound of
  20. call isim
  21. cry isim
  22. phonic sıfat
  23. phono
  24. sonance isim
  25. lapse
  26. note
  27. ping
  28. smack
  29. crunch
  30. vox isim
  31. key isim
  32. volume
  33. sono
  34. rattle
  35. clatter
  36. acoustic
  37. (enstrüman) speech
  38. utterance
  39. sound; noise
  40. audio , sound , voice , tone
  41. voice; sound; noise

English - English

  1. State Emergency Service
  2. Senior Executive Service
  3. socioeconomic status
  4. Sports Education Service of the Australian Sports Commission
  5. (severely errored seconds) (DS1) A second that has an equivalent error ratio greater than 1-in-1,000 In SF, a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses, six or more framing bit errors, or 1,544 or more BPVs In ESF, a second with one or more LOSs or frame sync losses, 320 or more CRC-6 errors, or 1,544 or more BPVs On unframed circuits, a circuit with one or more LOSs, or 1,544 or more BPVs
  6. severely errored seconds Seconds during which the bit error ratio is greater than a specified limit and transmission performance is significantly degraded A performance monitoring parameter is measured on a per-channel basis
  7. (See socioeconomic status)
  8. Shelf Edge Study Part of LOIS project
  9. Secondary Emissions Standard
  10. SCSI Enclosure Services are an ANSI X3 T10 standard for temperature and power monitoring of disk enclosures for enhanced data protection
  11. Spongiform encephalopathy
  12. means the Senior Executive Service
  13. Severely Errored Seconds: A unit used to specify the error performance of T carrier systems This indicates a second containing ten or more errors, usually expressed as SES per hour, day, or week This method gives a better indication of the distribution of bit errors than a simple Bit Error Rate (BER) Refer also to EFS See also Source End Station
  14. Student Employment Services
  15. abbr Service Evaluation System
  16. Severely Errored Second
  17. Socioeconomic Status is generally taken to refer to a person's overall social position, as determined across a number of aspects or dimensions, and is most commonly defined in terms of educational, occupational and economic attainments When used in studies relating to school students, the term refers to parental or family SES

Turkish - Turkish

  1. NEŞC
  3. ATİT
  4. IS
  5. SATİT
  6. ün
  7. seda
  8. sadâ
  9. savt
  10. istanbul'da şevket Rado yönetiminde yayınlanan, haftalık magazin dergisi(1961)
  11. Aralarında uyum bulunan titreşimler
  12. Herhangi bir davranış, tutum karşısında uyanan ruhsal tepki
  13. Duygu ve düşünce: "Gençliğin sesini duyuran başka bir dergide ..."- Y. Z. Ortaç
  14. Ciğerlerden gelen havanın ses yolunda yaptığı titreşim: "Boğukluğu benim kulağıma da ürkütücü gelen bir sesle sordum."- R. H. Karay
  15. Kulağın duyabildiği titreşim: "Şafağa doğru otomobil sesi duyuldu."- F. R. Atay
  16. Kulağın duyabildiği titreşim
  17. Herhangi bir davranış, tutum karşısında uyanan ruhî tepki
  18. Ciğerlerden gelen havanın ses yolunda yaptığı titreşim
  19. Duygu ve düşünce
  20. Güzel ve etkileyici ses
  21. VA'VA' Sesler
  22. asvat sesler


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