English - Turkish

  1. dikişsiz
  2. kusursuz, mükemmel
  3. dikişsiz/muntazam
  4. (Mecâzen) Akıcı
  5. eksiz kablo kılıf
  6. kesintisiz
  7. kusursuz
  8. kaynaksız
  9. dikissiz
  10. lehimsiz
  11. dikiş yeri isim seam
  12. dikiş isim seam
  13. yara izi isim seam
  14. sorunsuz seamlessly
  15. dikmek seam
  16. dikiş gibi iz bırakmak seam
  17. faça yapmak seam
  18. façasını bozmak seam
  19. bağlantı yeri seam
  20. kırışık isim seam
  21. kırışıklık isim seam
  22. armuz seam
  23. derz Tekstil seam
  24. kaynak İnşaat,Teknik seam
  25. damar Coğrafya seam
  26. tabaka Coğrafya seam
  27. yatak seam
  28. maden damarı seam
  29. ters ilmikle örmek seam
  30. tırmıklamak seam
  31. yatak (maden) isim seam
  32. Yara nişanı Tıp seam
  33. üzerine yara izi veya çizgi yapmak seam
  34. iki tahtanın yan yana birleştiği çizgi seam
  35. den. armuz isim seam
  36. ters ilmekle örgü örmek seam
  37. ince maden damarı seam
  38. ince tabaka (kömür) seam
  39. çatlamak seam
  40. ince tabaka seam
  41. birbirine dikmek seam
  42. jeol seam
  43. benzemiyor gibi seamlessly

English - English

  1. Without interruption; coherent; as, a seamless transition
  2. Having no seams
  3. perfectly consistent and coherent; "the novel's seamless plot"
  4. arrhaphostic
  5. - feather edged texture mats without joints There are many textures available and in different sized mats
  6. Having no perceptible discontinuities throughout the audio range
  7. not having or joined by a seam or seams; "seamless stockings"
  8. A hollow product which does not contain any line junctures resulting from method of manufacture
  9. used especially of skin; "his cheeks were unlined"; "his unseamed face"
  10. Without a seam
  11. not having or joined by a seam or seams; "seamless stockings
  12. perfectly consistent and coherent; "the novel's seamless plot" used especially of skin; "his cheeks were unlined"; "his unseamed face" not having or joined by a seam or seams; "seamless stockings
  13. Interaction is required to move from hierarchy, and requires ego suppression How to work well with strangers
  14. lacking a seam, lacking a line of stitches where two pieces of material are connected sıfat
  15. A term used in telecommunications to describe the integration of a number of different networks used to switch a single call This interconnection appears 'seamless' to any subscriber because it is not apparent to them when a call is being switched to another network
  16. You use seamless to describe something that has no breaks or gaps in it or which continues without stopping. It was a seamless procession of wonderful electronic music. + seamlessly seam·less·ly He has moved seamlessly from theory to practice
  17. Metal tubing used in bicycle frames can be manufactured in two different ways: Seamless tubing begins as a solid round bar, which is heated to a workable temperature, then pierced by a mandrel It goes through a series of rolling operations to bring the diameter and wall thickness to the desired sizes Seamed tubing begins as a strip of flat sheet metal, which is curled into a tubular shape, then the edges are welded together After ths, the seamed tubing may also go through various rolling steps Seamed tubing is cheaper, but weaker than seamless tubing Generally all better quality bicycle frames are made from seamless tubing
  18. Tubing ******
  19. An old English measure of glass, containing twenty-four weys of five pounds, or 120 pounds seam
  20. A joint formed by mating two separate sections of materials. Seams can be made or sealed in a varity of ways, including adhesive bonding, hot-air welding, solvent welding, using adhesive tapes, sealant, etc seam
  21. To put together with a seam seam
  22. The stitched equatorial seam of a cricket ball; the sideways movement of a ball when it bounces on the seam seam
  23. A thin stratum, especially of coal or mineral seam
  24. A folded back and stitched piece of fabric; especially, the stitching that joins two or more pieces of fabric seam
  25. A suture seam
  26. To mark with a seam seam
  27. An old English measure of grain, containing eight bushels seam
  28. To crack open along a seam seam
  29. Of a bowler, to make the ball move thus seam
  30. Of the ball, to move sideways after bouncing on the seam seam
  31. a ride on a piece of glass caused by the minute crack between two parts of the mold Same as a mold mark seam
  32. Where two pieces of material are joined together seam
  33. joint consisting of a line formed by joining two pieces a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit; "he worked in the coal beds" put together with a seam; "seam a dress seam
  34. A line, ridge, or groove formed from fitting, joining, or lapping two components seam
  35. a stitched line that joins two garments parts together seam
  36. the mid-point between two players seam
  37. The junction line of metal that has passed through a hollow die, separated and rejoined at the exit point Seams are present in all extruded hollows produced from the extrusion process and in many cases are not visible seam
  38. A stratified deposit, usually of coal seam
  39. point at which the flat steel sheet has been rolled and electrically welded to form a cylinder seam
  40. A folded back and stitched piece of fabric seam
  41. Hence, a line of junction; a joint; a suture, as on a ship, a floor, or other structure; the line of union, or joint, of two boards, planks, metal plates, etc seam
  42. A thin layer or stratum; a narrow vein between two thicker strata; as, a seam of coal seam
  43. A line or depression left by a cut or wound; a scar; a cicatrix seam
  44. Grease; tallow; lard seam
  45. The fold or line formed by sewing together two pieces of cloth or leather seam
  46. stitches used to fasten two pieces of material; line where two pieces are stitched together; crease, wrinkle; crack, furrow, groove; thin layer of rock or mineral (Geology) isim seam
  47. sew, fasten with stitches; furrow, make grooves; become cracked, develop fissures fiil seam
  48. The place where two edges of fabric or elastomer are adjacent to each other to form a single ply or layer seam
  49. To mark with something resembling a seam; to line; to scar seam
  50. The quantity of 120 pounds of glass seam


About This Word

    Pronunciation /ˈsēmləs/ /ˈsiːmləs/
    Etymology [ 'sEm-l&s ] (adjective.) 15th century. seam +‎ -less
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