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  1. If you say that you are in a dream, you mean that you do not concentrate properly on what you are doing because you are thinking about other things. All day long I moved in a dream dream
  2. emphasis If you say that you never dreamed that something would happen, you are emphasizing that you did not think that it would happen because it seemed very unlikely. I never dreamed that I would be able to afford a home here Who could ever dream of a disaster like this? see also pipe dream, wet dream dream
  3. emphasis If you say that you would not dream of doing something, you are emphasizing that you would never do it because you think it is wrong or is not possible or suitable for you. I wouldn't dream of making fun of you dream
  4. You can refer to a situation or event that does not seem real as a dream, especially if it is very strange or unpleasant. When the right woman comes along, this bad dream will be over dream
  5. If you say that someone does something like a dream, you think that they do it very well. If you say that something happens like a dream, you mean that it happens successfully without any problems. She cooked like a dream dream
  6. If you describe someone or something as the person or thing of your dreams, you mean that you consider them to be ideal or perfect. This could be the man of my dreams dream
  7. a cherished desire; "his ambition is to own his own business" dream
  8. emphasis If you describe something as being beyond your wildest dreams, you are emphasizing that it is better than you could have imagined or hoped for. She had already achieved success beyond her wildest dreams. Series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep, particularly sleep accompanied by rapid eye movement (REM sleep). Dream reports range from the very ordinary and realistic to the fantastic and surreal. Humans have always attached great importance to dreams, which have been variously viewed as windows to the sacred, the past and the future, or the world of the dead. Dreams have provided creative solutions to intellectual and emotional problems and have offered ideas for artistic pursuits. A type of cognitive synthesis that facilitates conscious insight may occur subconsciously during dreaming. The most famous theory of the significance of dreams is the psychoanalytic model of Sigmund Freud; in Freud's view, desires that are ordinarily repressed (hidden from consciousness) because they represent forbidden impulses are given expression in dreams, though often in disguised (i.e., symbolic) form dream
  9. emphasis If you say that you could not imagine a particular thing in your wildest dreams, you are emphasizing that you think it is extremely strange or unlikely. Never in my wildest dreams did I think we could win dream
  10. If you say that something is a dream, you mean that it is wonderful dream
  11. If you describe something as a particular person's dream, you think that it would be ideal for that person and that he or she would like it very much. Greece is said to be a botanist's dream dream
  12. American English uses the form dreamed as the past tense and past participle. British English uses either dreamed or dreamt dream
  13. series of thoughts and visions which occur during sleep; fancy, pleasant imagining, daydream; vision; aim, goal; wish isim dream
  14. have thoughts and visions while sleeping; indulge in a daydream, imagine; wish for fiil dream
  15. A dream is an imaginary series of events that you experience in your mind while you are asleep. He had a dream about Claire I had a dream that I was in an old study, surrounded by leather books dream
  16. When you dream, you experience imaginary events in your mind while you are asleep. Ivor dreamed that he was on a bus She dreamed about her baby dream
  17. You can use dream to describe something that you think is ideal or perfect, especially if it is something that you thought you would never be able to have or experience. a dream holiday to Jamaica dream
  18. If you often think about something that you would very much like to happen or have, you can say that you dream of it. As a schoolgirl, she had dreamed of becoming an actress For most of us, a brand new designer kitchen is something we can only dream about I dream that my son will attend college and find a good job dream
  19. You can refer to a situation or event as a dream if you often think about it because you would like it to happen. He had finally accomplished his dream of becoming a pilot My dream is to have a house in the country = ambition dream
  20. distant, engaged in reverie; of a dream, of a fantasy, imaginary; meditative; vague, obscure sıfat dream

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  1. f. Yerden biten bitki


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