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Definition of restart in English Turkish dictionary

  1. yeniden başlatmak
  2. yeniden başla
  3. yeniden başlat fiil
  5. Tekrar başlat (machine translation).
  6. yeniden başlatma Bilgisayar
English - English

Definition of restart in English English dictionary

  1. To start again All attempts to restart the engine failed.
  2. The act of starting something again After the restart of my browser, the problem went away.
  3. to reboot
  4. Another description for a free kick, corner kick, throw-in, goal kick or kickoff
  5. A root menu selection used to restart the window manager to see recent configuration changes
  6. reboot of a computer system (Computers); kickoff (Football, Soccer) isim
  7. take up or begin anew; "We resumed the negotiations"
  8. To stop a process and start it again
  9. The act of restarting something
  10. start an engine again, for example
  11. The resumption of a race after a caution or red flag period
  12. Specifically, the act of firing a stage of a rocket after a previous powered flight and a coast phase in a parking orbit
  13. One-byte call instruction usually used during interrupt sequences and for debugger break pointing There are eight restart locations, RST 0 through RST 7, whose addresses are given by the product of 8 times the restart number
  14. If you restart something that has been interrupted or stopped, or if it restarts, it starts to happen or function again. The commissioners agreed to restart talks as soon as possible The trial will restart today with a new jury. Restart is also a noun. After a goalless first half, Australia took the lead within a minute of the restart. to start something such as a machine, process etc again after it has stopped
  15. begin again, recommence, start anew; begin anew an activity after interruption; (Computers) reboot a computer system, warm boot fiil
  16. A special type of CALL in which the address is not programmed but built into the hardware The 8085 has eight software restarts (RST 0 to RST 7) and four hardware restarts (TRAP, RST 7 5, RST 6 5 and RST 5 5)
  17.   The resumption of the execution of a computer program using the data recorded at a checkpoint
  18. The waving of the green flag following a caution period
  19. To launch a money chain letter or pyramid scheme which is a copy of one received, except that the names in the list are replaced by new names, usually the names of the originator, co-conspirators and aliases
  20. A method of initiating play after a stop in the action Restarts include direct and indirect free kicks, throw-ins, corner kicks, goal kicks and the drop ball
  21. The kickoff
  22. When you shut down your computer and it automatically starts up again Used frequently when the computer's memory (RAM) has become fragmented by multiple opening and closing of programs and documents Restarting essentially, clears all memory and enables beginning again with a clean slate
  23. Related Terms
  24. past of restart : restarted
  25. present participle of restart : restarting
  26. third-person singular of restart : restarts
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    /rēˈstärt/ /riːˈstɑːrt/

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    [ (")rE-stärt ] () 1845. re- +‎ start


    restarts, restarting, restarted

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