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address pointer
camshaft gear pointe..
dangling pointer
German short-haired ..
ground commander's p..
gun pointer
gun pointer's platfo..
gun pointer's shield
gun pointer control
hourglass pointer
infrared pointer
instruction pointer
IR pointer
knife-edge pointer
light pointer
luminous pointer
major pointer
memory pointer
mouse pointer
nil pointer
null pointer
pointer en arrivant
pointer en partant
pointer finger
pointer instrument
pointer keys
pointer mutation
pointer options
Etymology: [ poin-t&r ] (noun.) 1574. point +‎ -er
Synonyms: hand, needle, mouse pointer, programming, reference, arrow, dial, director, gauge, guide, index, mark, register, rod, signal, advice, caution, clue, information
1 anlamlı söz
2 ibre
3 zagar
4 av köpeği
5 büyükayının iki büyük işaret yıldızı
6 işaretleyici  Bilgisayar
7 işaret eden
8 işaret edici
9 kazıyacak
10 gösterge
11 zağar
12 puanter
13 pointer  Avcılık
14 kinaye
15 işaretçi
16 ima
17 iğne
18 iğneleme
19 imleyici
20 işaret eden kimse/şey  isim
21 işaret parmağı
22 işaret eden kimse veya şey
23 öğüt/zağar/gösterge/çubuk
24 kısa tüylü bir çeşit av köpeği
25 gösterge imleç
26 işaret değneği  isim
27 puanter (bir tür av köpeği)  isim
28 imleç
29pointers Büyükayı takımyıldızındaki işaret yıldızlar
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30 A variable which holds the address of a memory location where a value can be stored
31 A breed of hunting dog
32 Anything that points or is used for pointing
33 An icon that indicates the position of the mouse; a cursor
34 A needle-like component of a timepiece or measuring device that indicates the time or the current reading of the device
35 A tip, a bit of advice (usually plural.) - "The instructor gave me some pointers on writing a good paper."
36 A register used to indicate the address of a location in memory
37 a mark to indicate a direction or relation
38 A location in memory which contains the address of another location in memory
39 The name of the arrow (or other shape) that tracks across the screen as you move the mouse (or other pointing device) around
40 a strong slender smooth-haired dog of Spanish origin having a white coat with brown or black patches; scents out and points game an indicator as on a dial
41 an indicator as on a dial
42 The symbol used in GUI environments to represent mouse movements and select files or execute commands Usually in the form of an diagonal arrowhead
43 When you look through the eyepiece lens, you may see a pointer By turning the eyepiece, you can rotate the pointer around
44 The symbol for the location which will receive your clicks
45 A variable which holds the address of a memory location where, presumeably, a value is stored
46 (n ) a data object that has the POINTER attribute It may not be referenced or defined unless it is pointer associated with a target If it is an array, it does not have a shape unless it is pointer associated
47 a strong slender smooth-haired dog of Spanish origin having a white coat with brown or black patches; scents out and points game
48 (computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display; moving the cursor allows the user to point to commands or screen positions
49 This refers to the arrow that you can move on the screen Move the mouse around on the mouse pad and you will see that an arrow pointer moves on the screen The directions tell you to move the pointer to different places on the screen to make choices In Practice and Diagnosis you can change the pointer to a number See how to do this in "Guide Student's Solution" in Setting Preferences
50 A pointer is a long stick that is used to point at something such as a large chart or diagram when explaining something to people. She tapped on the world map with her pointer
51 A pointer to something suggests that it exists or gives an idea of what it is like. Sunday's elections should be a pointer to the public mood
52 The pointer on a measuring instrument is the long, thin piece of metal that points to the numbers. = needle. Dog breed, of hound, spaniel, and setter ancestry, first recorded 1650 in Great Britain and named for the dog's rigid posture in the direction of quarry. Pointers were originally used to point out hares and were later trained as bird dogs. The pointer stands 23-28 in. (58-71 cm) tall and weighs 50-75 lb (23-34 kg); it has a long muzzle, hanging ears, tapered tail, and a short, smooth coat, usually white with dark markings. The German short-haired pointer, another sporting breed, tracks, points, and retrieves; it is about the size of a pointer and has a short coat of solid liver colour or liver and gray-white
53 Is one of the following: A Fortran 95/90 pointer A data object that has the POINTER attribute To be referenced or defined, it must be "pointer-associated" with a target (have storage space associated with it) If the pointer is an array, it must be pointer-associated to have a shape See also pointer association A Compaq Fortran pointer A data object that contains the address of its paired variable This is also called an integer pointer or a Cray® pointer
54 The pointer is the pointing device currently attached to the cursor and tracked on the screens
55 A pointer is a piece of advice or information which helps you to understand a situation or to find a way of making progress. I hope at least my daughter was able to offer you some useful pointers
56 indicator; something used to point; hand on a clock; clue, advice; hunting dog  isim
57 The two stars (Merak and Dubhe) in the Great Bear, the line between which points nearly in the direction of the north star
58 Diagonal braces sometimes fixed across the hold
59 The hand of a timepiece
60 One of a breed of dogs trained to stop at scent of game, and with the nose point it out to sportsmen
61 One who, or that which, points
62 The onscreen representation of the mouse’s location The pointer commonly looks like an arrow, but can also assume such shapes as a pencil, a cross, or a paintbrush, depending on the application and the user’s selection
63 A small graphic that moves around the screen as the user manipulates the mouse (or another pointing device) Depending on its location and the active application, the pointer can assume various shapes, such as an arrowhead, crosshair, or clock By moving the pointer and pressing mouse buttons, a user can select objects, set the insertion point, and activate windows Sometimes called the "cursor " See also insertion point
64 A statement within a data product label or catalog object that identifies or references a starting point within the same file or an external file Pointers are used to identify the start of a data object, the location of additional text for insertion, or the location of descriptive information for further reference
65 (1) A data item that consists of the address of a desired item (2) A symbol that moves around a computer screen under the control of the user
66 Usually Arrow-shaped, this is the marker that is moved around the screen by the mouse Pressing the mouse button will select or activate whatever is beneath the pointer
67 An address in the address space (or memory) The term pointer generally refers to the first byte of a procedure or data structure or a specific byte location in a stack
68 An object on the screen that tracks the position of a pointing device (e g a mouse, tablet, track-ball, or joystick) Photon has several pointers indicating various states: Basic, Busy, Help, Move, Resize, I-beam, No-input
69 The graphical image that appears on the workspace and represents the current location of a mouse or other pointing device
70 Reference values that are addresses of objects in memory Defined with the "dereferencing" operator "*", initialized with an lvalue of a data object with the "address-of" operator "&": If v is declared a variable then &v is v's memory address If p is declared a pointer, then *p is the value of the variable that p points to
71 a variable that contains a memory address Usually this address is the location of another variable in memory Pointer variables much be declared as such, and the variable type must match the type of the variable being ``pointed'' to
72 A field within a record or within an index that contains the address of a record
73 A variable that holds the address of a data object or function
74 The little icon that moves on the screen when you move the mouse Its most common shapes are the arrow and the I-beam
75 A physical device used for pointing, such as a mouse, or the cursor that shows the position of the mouse on the screen
76pointers address spaces within a computers memory (See: C programming)
77pointers tips
78pointers plural form of pointer
79pointers Variables used by MicroStation and other applications to place, locate, and process elements in the design file
80pointers Variables that contain machine addresses of data instead of the data itself
81pointers The high-level notion of data addresses implemented in C/C++ Pointers not only store the address of another data item but also know the type of that data item This allows data pointers to be dereferenced, incremented and compared without the need to always specify the size of the data objects to which the pointer refers
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