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İngilizce - İngilizce
Any of the early English settlers, given the lands of the dispossessed Irish populace during the reign of Elizabeth I
A machine used for planting seeds
A box or pot for plants, usually large and standing on the floor
The owner of a plantation
A person who operates such a machine
{n} one who sets or cultivates, a farmer
1. A flower pot or box for plants2. Jardinière, one such type of pot3. A person or object engaged in sowing seeds4. Planter (farm implement), implement towed behind a tractor, used for sowing crops through a field5. A coloniser6. A person who owns or manages a plantation, or large farm or ranch
a person who owns a plantation
After the invention of the cotton gin, southern planters again operated a profitable agriculture and accounted for a significant portion of the United States' exports Though they were only twelve percent of the slave-holding population, half of the South's labor force lived on these plantations (Fifty-five percent of slaves raised cotton; more than half of the slave population was owned by planters presiding over twenty or more slaves ) Planters, in fact, could only increase their production by increasing their investment in slaves: "To sell cotton in order to buy Negroes--to make more cotton to buy more Negroes " When cotton prices rose from their low of five cents a pound in 1844 to ten cents in 1850, planters threw everything they could into the occasion Many came out extremely wealthy, and with their wealth came power
A colonist in a new or uncultivated territory; as, the first planters in Virginia
A settler in Newfoundland, rather than a migratory fisherman, who supported himself through the inshore boat fishery
decorative container usually rectangular, oblong or oval
A piece of equipment for seeding that is pulled behind a tractor The planter is used to seed coarser grain seeds such as corn, soybeans, and sunflowers Instead of the long seed box that a drill has, planters have individual seed boxes, one for each row the planter will plant Planters are often designated as 6-row or 12-row planters
the owner or manager of a plantation
A planter is a container for plants that people keep in their homes
Planters are people who own or manage plantations in tropical countries
One who, or that which, plants or sows; as, a planterof corn; a machine planter
One who owns or cultivates a plantation; as, a sugar planter; a coffee planter
a decorative pot for house plants
{i} owner of a plantation; machine for sowing seeds; container to hold plants; window box
a decorative pot for house plants the owner or manager of a plantation a worker who puts or sets seeds or seedlings into the ground
a worker who puts or sets seeds or seedlings into the ground
planter box
A flower box; an object that contains live flowers, usually affixed outside, just below a window

Cross fertilization has generally given greater yields. It is done by planting with one variety in one planter box and another variety in the other.

planter boxes
plural form of planter box
planter's punch
a cocktail made of rum and lime or lemon juice with sugar and sometimes bitters
church planter
A minister or organization that starts new congregations where none existed previously
ancient planter
A colonist receiving one of the first land grants in Virginia
church planter
A person engaged in creating a new Christian church
plural of planter