English - Turkish

  1. çiş yapmak fiil
  2. işemek
  3. çiş
  4. sidik isim
  5. i., k.dili. çiş. f. işemek
  6. çis
  7. işe
  8. ciş
  9. çiş yap fiil
  10. çiş yapma
  11. dili çiş
  12. sidik/işeme
  13. idrarını yapmak
  14. işeme isim peeing
  15. çiş yaparak peeing

Turkish - Turkish

  1. Taş duvar

English - English

  1. urine
  2. To drizzle - "It's peeing with rain."
  3. To urinate
  4. The name of the Latin script letter P/p - "Mind your pees and cues."
  5. Pence; penny - "I can't afford that — I'm one pee short."
  6. Pence; penny (a quantity of money)
  7. See 1st Pea
  8. urination (slang); urine isim
  9. eliminate urine; "Again, the cat had made on the expensive rug"
  10. Bill of an anchor
  11. urinate (slang) fiil
  12. See Peak, 3 (c)
  13. informal terms for urination; "he took a pee"
  14. liquid excretory product; "there was blood in his urine"; "the child had to make water"
  15. When someone pees, they urinate. He needed to pee. Pee is also a noun. The driver was probably having a pee. The letter p. to pass liquid waste from your body = urinate (From the first letter of piss)
  16. Urinated peed
  17. present participle of pee peeing
  18. informal terms for urination; "he took a pee peeing
  19. third-person singular of pee pees


About This Word

    Pronunciation /ˈpē/ /ˈpiː/
    Etymology [ 'pE ] (noun.) 1612. Spelling of the initial letter of piss. Compare eff.
    Synonyms make water, micturate, p, pass water, pence, penny, piss, urinate, wee, wee-wee
    Tenses pees, peeing, peed
    Common Collocations pee pee, pee dee, pee on
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