English - German

  1. Briefpapier , Notizpapier (notepaper)

English - Turkish

  1. not kağıt (notepaper)
  2. mektup kâğıdı isim (notepaper)
  3. not kağıdı (notepaper)

English - English

  1. Relatively small writing paper used for writing notes or letters; often provided with matching envelopes (notepaper)
  2. writing paper intended for writing short notes or letters (notepaper)
  3. Notepaper is paper that you use for writing letters on. He had written letters on official notepaper to promote a relative's company. paper used for writing letters or notes writing paper headed notepaper (=with the sender's address printed on it) (notepaper)
  4. small paper for writing notes on isim (notepaper)


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