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  1. bitki açısından besin değeri az, oksijeni bol göl ve benzeri yerler oligotrophic

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  1. oligotrophic

English - English

  1. having a low supply of plant nutrients oligotrophic
  2. Deep, clear lakes with low nutrient supplies that contain little organic matter and have a high dissolved-oxygen level oligotrophic
  3. from the Greek for "poorly nourished" Describes a lake with low plant growth and high clarity Oligotrophic lakes contain little organic matter and have high dissolved oxygen content Organic compound - naturally occurring (animal or plant-produced or synthetic) substances containing mainly carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen oligotrophic
  4. refers to a lake that has a low supply of nutrients Oligotrophic lakes have low productivity as a result oligotrophic
  5. Clear waters with little organic matter or sediment and minimum biological activity oligotrophic
  6. Waters that are nutrient poor and have little organic production oligotrophic
  7. Descriptive of crystal-clear lakes characterized by cold water fish species, low nutrient content and generally pristine features oligotrophic
  8. An oligotrophic lake or reservoir is low in nutrients and organic productivity Oligotrophic lakes are usually deep, with nutrient poor sediments, few macrophytes and large amounts of dissolved oxygen oligotrophic
  9. Condition of rivers and lakes that have clear water and low biological productivity (oligo = little; trophic = nutrition); are usually clear, cold, infertile headwater lakes and streams oligotrophic
  10. low in nutrients and in primary production oligotrophic
  11. A lake condition characterized by a low supply of nutrients and consequent support of very little organic production Dissolved oxygen is present at or near saturation throughout such lakes during all seasons of the year Characteristic of waters that are poor in dissolved inorganic or mineral nutrient materials oligotrophic
  12. refers to water bodies with low concentrations of nutrients oligotrophic
  13. Term applied to a body of water low in nutrients and in productivity Mirror Lake is oligotrophic oligotrophic
  14. Reservoirs and lakes which are nutrient poor and contain little aquatic plant or animal life oligotrophic
  15. describes a body of water in which nutrients are in low supply ombrotrophic: rain-fed organochlorines: Any of various hydrocarbon pesticides, such as DDT, that contain chlorine orthogonal: at right angles; on an independent dimension Two structures which each express an independent dimension oscillation: 1 a periodic motion backward and forward 2 vibration or variance above and below a mean value oxic: containing oxygen; aerobic Usually used in reference to a microbial habitat P oligotrophic
  16. Underfed or with low nutrient levels oligotrophic
  17. Oligotrophic waters are nutrient poor oligotrophic
  18. Describing a body of water in which nutrients are in low supply oligotrophic
  19. deficient in nutrients needed for plant growth oligotrophic
  20. characterized by malnutrition, of or pertaining to inadequate nutrition; (of a body of water) lacking plant nutritious substances and high oxygen content in the deeper parts (Ecology) sıfat oligotrophic

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