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  1. sayılar
  2. şiir isim
  3. eski ahitte dördüncü kitap (İncil) isim
  4. numaralar
  5. Eski ahitte dördüncü kitap
  6. çokluk
  7. aritmetik/sayılar
  8. adet isim number
  9. sayı isim number
  10. numara number
  11. ihtiva etmek number
  12. içermek fiil number
  13. rakamlama numbers of
  14. hoş şey isim number
  15. hesaplamak number
  16. yaşında olmak number
  17. numara biçimi Bilgisayar number
  18. numara sayı Bilgisayar number
  19. sayı saymak number
  20. tip number
  21. numaralamak number
  22. rakam number
  23. sayı rakam number
  24. müzik parçası number
  25. katmak number
  26. miktar number
  27. saymak number
  28. toplam number
  29. katılmak fiil number
  30. sayısını sınırlandırmak fiil number
  31. numaralamak, numara koymak fiil number
  32. sayı, rakam: fractional number kesirli sayı. Add up these numbers. Bu sayıları topla isim number
  33. numara: room number oda numarası. telephone isim number
  34. (belirli bir sayıda) olmak: They numbered some twenty men. Onlar yirmi kadar fiil number
  35. sayı,v.say: n.sayı number
  36. hesapsız number
  37. He numbers eighty years number
  38. nicelik number
  39. We number fifty Elli kişiyiz number
  40. numarala/sayıl/say number
  41. sayi number
  42. numara/sayı number
  43. say(mak) number
  44. Seksen yaşındadır number
  45. çok, çok sayida numbers of

English - English

  1. The Book of Numbers, the fourth of the Books of Moses in the Old Testament of the Bible, the fourth book in the Torah - "For in the book of Numbers is it writ, when the man dies, let the inheritance descend unto the daughter."
  2. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of number
  3. plural form of number
  4. Many individuals as a group
  5. Num
  6. fourth book of the Old Testament (Biblical) isim
  7. plural of number
  8. third-person singular of number
  9. pl
  10. 7 n in math, an indefinite whole number 8 n the fourteenth in a series 9 n a Roman numeral for 90
  11. Spell out numbers from one to ten except for these situations: When a sentence begins with a number When the numbers have technical significance or need to stand out for quick comprehension (such as tables, statistical material, money amounts, clock time, proportions and ratios, percentages, sports scores, academic grades, highway designations, abbreviations and symbols, technical reference to age, periods of time, page numbers, lists of recipe ingredients, and numbers referred to as numbers) When a range of two or more related numbers are used, at least one of which is higher than ten (example: from 6 to 15 people attended)
  12. representations of integers, rationals, approximation to the reals by floating point
  13. make qualitative statements and are therefore between myth and reality, partly discovered and partly invented 1-10 are archetypes Mediators of human and higher world
  14. an illegal daily lottery
  15. the fourth book of the Old Testament; contains a record of the number of Israelites who followed Moses out of Egypt
  16. A player's score after the subtraction of his or her handicap from the Gross Score is the Net Score Adding strokes for each Mulligan yields the True Score If whiffs and fluffs are also counted, the resulting tabulation is the Real Score If strokes for lost balls, improved lies, and shots hit out of bounds are included as well, the grand total is the Actual Score This number, when adjusted upward to reflect all gimme putts, becomes the Correct Score When all the strokes made in sand traps and around obstructions are tacked on, this larger sum is the Absolute, Final, Honest-to-Goodness Score, which is usually only a halfdozen or so strokes lower than the total number of shots the player in fact made
  17. 1, 2, 3, etc
  18. O T
  19. of Number
  20. October Listopad
  21. Bemidbar In the Desert
  22. 00-11-01 Diseases/Causes of Death00-11-01 Military Terminology00-11-01 Titles/Occupations00-11-01
  23. The fourth book of the Pentateuch, containing the census of the Hebrews
  24. A person - "He had to focus on the mission, staying alive and getting out, not on the sexy number rubbing up against him." number
  25. An item of clothing, particularly a stylish one - ""I doubt the sexy number you wore earlier tonight fell from the sky."" number
  26. A telephone number - "When I agreed to go surfing with him he said, “Great, can I have your number?” Well, I don’t give my number to guys I don’t know." number
  27. A sequence of digits and letters used to register people, auotmobiles, and various other items number
  28. A performance; especially, a single song or song and dance routine within a larger show - "For his second number, he sang "The Moon Shines Bright"." number
  29. Poetic metres; verses, rhymes - "Griefe brought to numbers cannot be so fierce, / For, he tames it, that fetters it in verse." number
  30. A member of one of several classes: natural numbers,integers, rational numbers, real numbers, complex numbers, quaternions - "The equation e^{i\pi}+1=0 includes the most important numbers: 1, 0, \pi, i, and e." number
  31. A numeral: a symbol for a non-negative integer - "The number 8 is usually made with a single stroke." number
  32. Indicating the position of something in a list or sequence. Abbreviations: No or No., no or no. (in each case, sometimes written with a superscript "o", like Nº or №). The symbol "#" is also used in this manner - "Horse number 5 won the race." number
  33. Quantity - "His army is vast in number." number
  34. Of a word or phrase, the state of being singular, dual or plural, shown by inflection - "Adjectives and nouns should agree in gender, number, and case." number
  35. A marijuana cigarette, or joint; also, a quantity of marijuana bought form a dealer - "Back at his place again, Doc rolled a number, put on a late movie, found an old T-shirt, and sat tearing it up into short strips ." number
  36. An abstract entity used to describe quantity - "Zero, one, -1, 2.5, and pi are all numbers." number
  37. To label (items) with numbers; to assign numbers to (items) - "Number the baskets so that we can find them easily." number
  38. Comparative form of numb: more numb number
  39. To total or count; to amount to - "I don’t know how many books are in the library, but they must number in the thousands." number
  40. beaufort NUMBER
  41. dai Number
  42. To reckon as one of a collection or multitude number
  43. To count; to reckon; to ascertain the units of; to enumerate number
  44. That which is regulated by count; poetic measure, as divisions of time or number of syllables; hence, poetry, verse; chiefly used in the plural number
  45. count; assign a number; equal in amount; limit, allot; be included in (a specific group); total, add up to fiil number
  46. The distinction of objects, as one, or more than one (in some languages, as one, or two, or more than two), expressed (usually) by a difference in the form of a word; thus, the singular number and the plural number are the names of the forms of a word indicating the objects denoted or referred to by the word as one, or as more than one number
  47. The measure of the relation between quantities or things of the same kind; that abstract species of quantity which is capable of being expressed by figures; numerical value number
  48. a numeral or string of numerals that is used for identification; "she refused to give them her Social Security number" number
  49. Quantity, regarded as made up of an aggregate of separate things number
  50. a select company of people; "I hope to become one of their number before I die" number

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  1. nos


About This Word

    Pronunciation /ˈnəmbərz/ /ˈnʌmbɜrz/
    Etymology [ 'n&m-b&r ] (noun.) 14th century. Middle English nombre, from Old French, from Latin numerus.
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