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Lehçe - Turkish

Definition of nudyzm in Lehçe Turkish dictionary

  1. nüdizm
English - Turkish

Definition of nudyzm in English Turkish dictionary

    Related Terms
  1. çıplak yaşama : nudism
  2. çıplak yaşama öğretisi : nudism
  3. Çıplak halde dolaşıma itiyadı veya merakı, nüdizm Tıp: nudism
  4. çıplak dolaşma merakı isim : nudism
Lehçe - English

Definition of nudyzm in Lehçe English dictionary

  1. nudism
English - English

Definition of nudyzm in English English dictionary

    Related Terms
  1. The belief in, or practice of going nude in social, nonsexualized and frequently mixed-gender groups specifically in cultures where going nude in the social situation is not the norm : nudism
  2. going without clothes as a social practice : nudism
  3. Nudism is the practice of not wearing any clothes on beaches and other areas specially set aside for this purpose. Nudism, the council decided, was doing the resort more harm than good. = naturism + nudist nudists nud·ist There are no nudist areas and topless sunbathing is only allowed on a few beaches. = naturist : nudism
  4. practice of going naked in the belief that there are physical and/or social benefits to nudity isim : nudism
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