Turkish - English

  1. swimsuit isim
  2. one piece bathing suit
  3. bathing suit
  4. swimming suit
  5. trunks
  6. bathers Argo
  7. costume isim
  8. bathing dress
  9. bathing costume
  10. swimming trunks Tekstil
  11. swimming costume
  12. mathing suit Tekstil
  13. bather isim
  14. bathing suit, swimsuit
  15. (erkek) trunks, swimming trunks; (kadın) swimming costume, swimsuit, bathing suit
  16. (şort) bathing drowers
  17. swims uit
  18. swimwear
  19. togs Argo
  20. cozzie Argo

English - English

  1. A county in the Republic of Ireland
  2. mayonnaise - "Pass me the mayo please."
  3. May
  4. Mayo is the same as mayonnaise. a county in the west of the Republic of Ireland, on the Atlantic coast. mayonnaise (mayonnaise)
  5. egg yolks and oil and vinegar
  6. Mayonaise
  7. dressing made of beaten raw egg yolks with oil and lemon juice (or vinegar) and condiments used for salads and sandwiches

Turkish - Turkish

  1. Genellikle denize girerken ten üzerine giyilen, vücudun gerekli kısımlarını sıkıca örten giysi

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