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swimsuit Harun was wearing a swimsuit. - Oğuz bir mayo giyiyordu.
swimming suit "It's pool-season from this week, isn't it?" "Oh yes. I've gotta go and buy a swimming suit, then." - "Bu haftadan itibaren havuz sezonu değil mi?" "Ah evet. O zaman gidip bir mayo almalıyım."
one piece bathing suit
bathing suit I've never seen Harun in a bathing suit. - Batu'u hiç mayo içinde görmedim.
(Argo) bathers
(Argo) togs
swims uit
(Argo) cozzie
bathing costume
(şort) bathing drowers
bathing dress
swimming trunks
bathing suit, swimsuit
(erkek) trunks, swimming trunks; (kadın) swimming costume, swimsuit, bathing suit
(Tekstil) mathing suit
swimming costume
erkekler için mayo
swimming trunks
tek parça mayo
one piece bathing suit
şort mayo
swimming trunks
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A county in the Republic of Ireland
mayonnaise Pass me the mayo please.
dressing made of beaten raw egg yolks with oil and lemon juice (or vinegar) and condiments used for salads and sandwiches
Mayo is the same as mayonnaise. a county in the west of the Republic of Ireland, on the Atlantic coast. mayonnaise (mayonnaise)
egg yolks and oil and vinegar
Mayo Clinic
a medical institution and hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, famous in the US for its modern equipment and successful treatments
Mayo family
Family of U.S. physicians. William Worrall Mayo (b. May 31, 1819, near Manchester, Eng. d. March 6, 1911, Rochester, Minn., U.S.) came to the U.S. in 1845. He opened a surgical practice in Rochester, Minn., in 1863, and in 1889 he opened St. Mary's Hospital with his two sons and the Sisters of St. Francis. His elder son, William James (b. June 29, 1861, Le Sueur, Minn. d. July 28, 1939, Rochester), specialized in surgery of the abdomen, pelvis, and kidney and served as administrator. Charles Horace (b. July 19, 1865, Rochester d. May 26, 1939, Chicago, Ill.), a gifted surgeon in all areas, originated modern procedures in goitre surgery, neurosurgery, and orthopedic surgery. About 1900 the partnership was changed to a voluntary association of physicians and specialists, later known as the Mayo Clinic. In 1915 the brothers established the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, which offers graduate training in medicine and related subjects
Cinco de Mayo
A national celebration in Mexico, commemorating the victory of Mexican forces led by General Ignacio Zaragoza over the French expeditionary forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, also celebrated widely by immigrants living in the United States
Cinco de Mayo
(Spanish; "Fifth of May") Mexican holiday commemorating the Mexican victory over the French at Puebla in 1862. The French army, better-equipped and far larger than the Mexican army, had been sent by Napoleon III to conquer Mexico. The Mexicans, under Gen. Ignacio Zaragoza, defeated the French at Puebla, inflicting serious losses. The French withdrew to the coast but returned the next year to take Puebla; they would control most of Mexico for the next four years. Cinco de Mayo celebrations often include music, dancing, and parades
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