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establishing ones li..
means of livelihood
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Etymology: [ 'lIv-lE-"hud ] (noun.) 15th century. From Old English līf (“life”) + lād (“course, journey”), later altered under the influence of lively, -hood.
Synonyms: living, subsistence, alimentation, art, bread and butter, business, circumstances, craft, employment, game, grind, income, job, keep, maintenance, means, nine-to-five, profession, racket
Antonyms: entertainment, fun
1 geçim
2 rızk  isim
3 geçimini sağlama
4 geçimlik
5 rızık
6 dirlik
7 maişet  Ticaret
8 geçim, geçinme  isim
9 geçim yolu  isim
10 geçim vasıtası
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11 The length of someone's life; a person's lifetime
12 Someone's manner of living; conduct, behaviour - "his name is sir Ector, & he is a lord of fair lyuelode in many partyes in Englond & Walys ."
13 A person's means of supporting himself
14 liflode
15 A persons means of supporting himself
16 Subsistence or living, as dependent on some means of support; support of life; maintenance
17 Liveliness; appearance of life
18 the financial means whereby one lives; "each child was expected to pay for their keep"; "he applied to the state for support"; "he could no longer earn his own livelihood"
19 Your livelihood is the job or other source of income that gives you the money to buy the things you need. fishermen who depend on the seas for their livelihood As a result of this conflict he lost both his home and his means of livelihood. the way you earn money in order to live a means/source of livelihood (lifelode (11-17 centuries), from , from lif + lad ( LODE) (influenced by lively and -hood))
20 means of supporting oneself, maintenance, sustenance, occupation  isim
21 a means of earning a living
22 سبل المعيشة
23 1 The occupation, work, or other means by which one earns an income to provide growth and abundance for the individual and the family
24livelihoods plural of livelihood
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