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Definition of impressions in English Turkish dictionary

  1. etkiler
  2. izlenimler İlk izlenimler önemlidir. - First impressions are important.
  3. gösterimler
  4. Related Terms
  5. intiba isim : impression
  6. baskı yapmak fiil : impress
  7. iz isim : impression
  8. sıkıştırmak fiil : impress
  9. Ağızda dişler üzerinde aljinat ZOE, stenç, alçı, agar, silikon, vb. ölçü maddeleri ile alınan negatif katut; sonra sert alçı bu ölçünün içine dökülerek kalıp ( model ) elde edilir ve teknik laboratuarda protez yapımına geçilir Diş Hekimliği: impression
  10. taklit isim : impression
  11. basmak (damga) : impress
  12. tesir etmek : impress
  13. kanı isim : impression
  14. bası : impression
  15. bakı : impression
  16. impresyon Tıp: impression
  17. baskı isim : impression
  18. etkile : impress
  19. hayran bırakmak : impress
  20. kafasına sokmak : impress
  21. etkilemek : impress
  22. fikir : impression
  23. etki : impression
  24. izlenim İlk izlenimler en kalıcı olanlardır. - First impressions are the most lasting. : impression
  25. tesir : impress
  26. belirti isim : impression
  27. basmak fiil : impress
  28. iz bırakmak fiil : impress
  29. hassas : impression
  30. aklına sokmak fiil : impress
  31. zorlamak fiil : impress
  32. damga isim : impression
  33. izlenim uyandırmak : impression
  34. on/upon aklına sokmak fiil : impress
  35. el koymak : impress
  36. damgalamak : impress
  37. kamulaştırmak : impress
  38. zorla askere almak fiil : impress
  39. mühür : impress
  40. zorla bahriye tayfası yapmak : impress
  41. istimlak etmek : impress
  42. x anlat/bas/hayran bırak : impress
  43. istimlak impressment zorla alma : impress
  44. (damga) basmak fiil : impress
  45. etkile,v.etkile: n.etkileme : impress
  46. giyinim : impression
  47. BASIM: Haritanın basılışı esnasında mürekkeple boyanmış olarak pafta üzerinde belirtilen şekiller Askeri: impression
  48. İntiba, impressio Tıp: impression
  49. first impression ilk intiba : impression
  50. I Was under the impression that zannediyordum ki : impression
  51. kolayca etkileni : impression
English - English

Definition of impressions in English English dictionary

  1. The approximate number of times users see your ad the number of times an ad banner is requested by site visitors' browsers--and presumably seen by the user Guaranteed impressions are the minimum times an ad banner has the opportunity to be seen by visitors (as specified in the contract)
  2. The total net audience (unduplicated) or the gross audience (duplicated) exposed to a media schedule
  3. The number of times a printing plate transfers ink to paper Also refers to the number of instances an advertisement is exposed to a specific group of people
  4. the number of times a banner is downloaded to be viewed by a visitor
  5. Number of times an ad banner is downloaded and presumably seen by visitors
  6. – Just seeing an advertisement on a page without clicking on it
  7. taking a mould of the upper and lower teeth and gums used to make the denture
  8. plural of impression
  9. Impression is actually the mold of your teeth We use a soft gelatin-like material to take the impression A small tray that fits over your teeth is filled with the material while it is soft In a matter of a few moments, as the impression material gets hard, your teeth leave an imprint
  10. Counting term for banner displays in an advertising campaign
  11. The first step in making a model of your teeth You bite into a container filled with alginate, and the alginate hardens to produce a mold of your teeth
  12. The number of times an "ad banner" is downloaded and presumably seen by users
  13. The first step in making a model of your teeth You bite into a container filled with a rubber type material, and that material hardens to produce a mold of your teeth
  14. The actual number of people who've seen a specific Web page Impressions are much more accurate than hits when discerning how much traffic your Web page actually receives Impressions are sometimes called "page views "
  15. Page Impressions; The number of times an Ad Spot is retrieved from the server
  16. With regard to online advertising, it is the number of times an ad banner is downloaded and presumably seen by users Guaranteed impressions refers to the minimum number of times an ad banner will be seen by users Definition courtesy of www netlingo com
  17. The number of people who have seen a specific Web page There has been much debate over how to value and therefore charge for advertising space on a Website Impressions is a more relevant business measurement than hits because it aggregates all the hits per page to measure the number of people who have seen a specific Web page Online ad rates are often determined by the number of impressions Impressions are also referred to as page views
  18. The actual number of people who've seen a specific Web page Impressions are sometimes called "page views " Back to Top
  19. (Dentistry) imprint of the teeth isim
  20. The number of times a banner is shown on pages being viewed by visitors This is the standard way of determining exposure for an advertisement on the Web
  21. The number of times a banner advertisement is downloaded and presumably viewed However, if the same banner advertisement appears on multiple pages simultaneously this statistic may understate the actual number of impressions, due to browser caching
  22. This term is often used to tell advertisers how many times their banner ad was seen by visitors viewing the page
  23. - refers to the number of times a banner is displayed Each time a banner is displayed, counts as one impression Also called Banner Views
  24. The number of times a visitor sees an advertisement on the site
  25. The number of times an ad is delivered When an advertiser buys advertising on a CPM basis, the advertiser is paying for every 1,000 impressions that the site can deliver Different sites measure an impression differently Some sites count an impression when an ad is requested, others only when an ad is fully downloaded, and there are other definitions that are used as well A savvy advertiser will ask publishers how they define impressions Top
  26. "Impression" is industry parlance for an actual ad viewed For example, there are three ads on this page, so you've just accounted for three impressions Why thank you! Of course, it's next to impossible to know if someone actually sees a given advertisement on the Web After all, a user might not scroll down far enough to see the ad, could be surfing with images turned off, or might press Stop before the ad is fully loaded into the browser window This can make impression-counting on the Web a thorny endeavor, but then the same goes for other media as well (who knows whether people are actually watching the commercial or off in the kitchen getting another beer?) Short of guessing, you're probably better off slaughtering a goat and examining its entrails
  27. Related Terms
  28. To seize or confiscate (property) by force The liner was impressed as a troop carrier. : impress
  29. To compel (someone) to serve in a military force The press gang used to impress people into the Navy. : impress
  30. To mark or stamp (something) using pressure We impressed our footprints in the wet cement. : impress
  31. To make an impression, to be impressive Henderson impressed in his first game as captain. : impress
  32. The act of impressing : impress
  33. An impression on the mind, imagination etc Such admonitions, in the English of the Authorized Version, left an indelible impress on imaginations nurtured on the Bible . : impress
  34. A stamp or seal used to make an impression : impress
  35. An impression, and impressed image or copy of something We know that you were pressed for money, that you took an impress of the keys which your brother held . : impress
  36. To produce a vivid impression of (something) That first view of the Eiger impressed itself on my mind. : impress
  37. To affect (someone) strongly and often favourably You impressed me with your command of Urdu. : impress
  38. An outward appearance : impression
  39. An online advertising performance metric representing an instance where an ad is shown once : impression
  40. An impersonation : impression
  41. The overall effect of something, e.g., on a person What is your impression of Beatles' music?. : impression
  42. The indentation or depression made by the pressure of one object on or into another His head made an impression on the pillow. : impression
  43. strong feeling or idea left by an experience; effect; vague memory; stamp, imprint; stamping, impressing isim : impression
  44. act of affecting strongly; impression, imprint; stamping, stamp used to make a mark using pressure isim : impress
  45. If someone gives you a particular impression, they cause you to believe that something is the case, often when it is not. I don't want to give the impression that I'm running away from the charges : impression
  46. Your impression of a person or thing is what you think they are like, usually after having seen or heard them. Your impression of a situation is what you think is going on. What were your first impressions of college? My impression is that they are totally out of control : impression
  47. produce or try to produce a vivid impression of; "Mother tried to ingrain respect for our elders in us" : impress
  48. impress positively; "The young chess player impressed her audience" : impress
  49. If something impresses you, you feel great admiration for it. What impressed him most was their speed Cannon's film impresses on many levels. + impressed im·pressed I was very impressed by one young man at my lectures : impress
  50. affect strongly; have a strong positive effect on a person's feelings; make an impression; cause favorable admiration; emphasize; stamp, imprint, make a mark using pressure; stir up interest to oneself fiil : impress
  51. If you impress something on someone, you make them understand its importance or degree. I had always impressed upon the children that if they worked hard they would succeed in life I've impressed upon them the need for more professionalism I impressed on him what a huge honour he was being offered : impress
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