English - Turkish

  1. hayali sıfat
  2. gerçek dışı
  3. imgesel sıfat
  4. düşsel
  5. sanal
  6. farazi
  7. hayal ürünü
  8. düşlemsel
  9. muhayyel
  10. imajinari
  11. imaginary number sanal sayı
  12. hayalı
  13. gerçek olmayan
  14. hayal mahsulu
  15. imgesel (lacan) Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim

English - English

  1. existing only in the imagination
  2. of a number, having no real part; that part of a complex number which is a multiple of the square root of -1
  3. Existing only in imagination or fancy; not real; fancied; visionary; ideal
  4. An imaginary expression or quantity
  5. that exists only in the imagination
  6. The psychological dimension of all images, conscious and/or unconscious, whether simply imagined or genuinely perceived
  7. of, or being the imaginary part of a complex number
  8. An imaginary number is a complex number (as 2 + 3i) in which the coefficient of the imaginary unit is not zero; a pure imaginary is a complex number that is the product of a real number other than zero and the imaginary
  9. An imaginary person, place, or thing exists only in your mind or in a story, and not in real life. Lots of children have imaginary friends. not real, but produced from pictures or ideas in your mind
  10. fanciful, created by the imagination, imagined sıfat
  11. not based on fact; dubious; "the falsehood about some fanciful secret treaties"- F D Roosevelt; "a small child's imaginary friends"; "her imagined fame"; "to create a notional world for oneself"
  12. The component of a signal perpendicular to the real signal [Chapter 8]
  13. Anything which is experienced or perceived as existing, but which may not have a direct counterpart at the physical level A well-known technical example with practical applications in physical technologies is i, the square-root of -1 It is misleading and sometimes dangerous to regard 'real' and 'imaginary' as opposites: imaginary entities are real at the respective level of reality, and may have strong echoes in physical reality - as seen in the fact that 'imaginary' fears can sometimes be fatal It should also be noted that every product of a physical technology starts off as an imaginary entity - usually a mental image such as a design or conceptual model which is 'real-ised' through many different physical and other activities
  14. Used here in its literal sense of 'image-inary', or to indicate something existing in personal or subjective reality and not yet carried through into objective reality (or cannot be expressed in terms of ordinary reality, as in 'imaginary numbers' in mathematics)
  15. In a imaginary manner; in imagination (imaginarily)
  16. in an imaginary manner (imaginarily)

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About This Word

    Synonyms: abstract, apocryphal, apparitional, assumed, chimerical, deceptive, delusive, dreamed-up, dreamlike, dreamy, fabulous, fancied, fanciful, fantastic, fictional, figmental, fool’s paradise, hallucinatory, hypothetical, ideal
    Antonyms: existing, factual, genuine, physical, real, substantial, true
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