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(Askeri) kriptolamak
şifrele Lütfen dosyanı şifreleme. - Please don't encrypt your file.
(Askeri) KRİPTOLAMAK: Kripto sistemi ile açık bir metni kapatarak anlaşılmaz şekle koymak. (Not: Kriptolamak terimi, şifrelemek ve kodlamak anlamlarını da kapsar). Ayrıca bakınız: "cryptosystem"
encrypt for transmission only
(Askeri) sadece gönderme için kriptolanmış
encrypt message
(Bilgisayar) ileti şifrele
(Bilgisayar) şifrelendi
(Bilgisayar) şifrelenmiş
(Bilgisayar) şifreli Bu dosya şifreli. - This file is encrypted.
(Bilgisayar) şifreleme
(Bilgisayar) şifreleniyor
(Askeri) kriptolama
İnternet Üzerinde Transfer edilen Bilgilerin Üçüncü şahıslar tarafından okunmasını engellemek amacıyla şifrelenmesi
şifreleme Şifreleme teknolojisi onun oldukça güvenilir olduğu noktaya göre gelişti. - Encryption technology has advanced to the point where it's pretty reliable.
İngilizce - İngilizce

encrypt teriminin İngilizce İngilizce sözlükte anlamı

To conceal information by means of a code or cipher
To scramble data or to convert data to a secret code that masks the meaning of the data to any unauthorized recipient
To make computer (or other) data unreadable in an orderly fashion, so it can be decrypted later and easily read Related terms: Data
To encipher or encode
To translate data into code that cannot be read without presenting the proper password
To convert plain text into unintelligible form by means of a cryptosystem This cryptosystem can be manual or electronic
{f} encode, convert a message into code (especially secret)
To render permanently cryptic
convert ordinary language into code; "We should encode the message for security reasons"
transform clear-text into cipher-text
To scramble the contents of a file or message in such a way as to make it unreadable to everyone except those with a software 'key', which makes it possible to unscramble the encrypted file or message Currently the length of encryption keys can range up to around 2048-bits See also: cryptography
To make computer (or other) data unreadable in an orderly fashion, so it can be decrypted later and easily read
To encode data for secure transfer over the Internet
A way to protect data by encoding it so that it appears as a random sequence of characters
encryption is the use of a mathematical based method of "scrambling" the data before it is sent over the data network so that it becomes unreadable except by authorized users The current de-facto standard for encryption for web based traffic is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
To encode data so that only someone with a key can read it
encrypted encryption to write a message in such a way that others cannot read it without having the proper decryption method; to encypher
Using an algorithm to transform data to conceal its meaning or value
If a document or piece of information is encrypted, it is written in a special code, so that only certain people can read it. Account details are encrypted to protect privacy. a program that will encrypt the information before sending. encrypted signals. + encryption en·cryp·tion It is currently illegal to export this encryption technology from the US. to protect information by putting it into a special code that only some people can read, especially information that is on a computer decrypt (en- + crypt- (as in cryptogram))
To convert plain text into unintelligible forms by means of a cipher system (crypto system) Encryption (and decryption) can be implemented in software on computers or in hardware - the set of mathematical logic that actually converts (encrypts/decrypts) data
To programmatically disguise content to hide its substance Encrypted content, often called a cipher, cannot be played without reversing its format into clear content through the process of decryption
Encoding something so others can not read it without having a key to unlock the information
To make temporarily unreadable Datasets can be encrypted to ensure privacy See the A3C Connection article on encryption at: http: //www uic edu/depts/accc/newsletter/adn16/encrypt html
To convert plain text into a different form in order to conceal its meaning
To convert data (such as plaintext) into a format that is no longer readable without a password
To change a message into the unreadable form that can be openly transmitted
Simple past tense and past participle of encrypt
The process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge, key files, and/or passwords
Past tense of encrypt
Describing something that is in code
A form of scrambling a television signal, where the receiver must not only have a descrambling device, but also have its "address" registered with the signal distributor (See also: Addressablility, Clear Feed, Encoded, Scrambling)
means information is converted into a code language before it is sent The receiver has the same software and de-codes the information after it arrives
Similar to "coded" in that it is a way to attempt preserving someone's confidentiality Encrypting is supposed to be more secure, in that not all researchers would necessarily have access to the exact code or method of encryption
This term refers to carrying a meaning determined by a new, superseding, or additionally-clarified partnership agreement that 1 came into force later than the beginning of current deal and 2 is based on information that may have become available to some players but not others
Information is encrypted by using a formula and a unique, secret "key" value to convert it into encoded data Decoding the data back into useable information requires a copy of the formula and the value of the "key" Encrypted data is considered to be secure from interpretation by unauthorized providers All PharmaNet data is encrypted as it travels on the network
present participle of encrypt
{i} coding, ciphering; conversion of data into cipher (Computers)
In cryptography, encryption is the process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge, key files, and/or passwords
third-person singular of encrypt