disgustante, disgustoso, rivoltante

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English - Turkish

Definition of disgustante, disgustoso, rivoltante in English Turkish dictionary

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  1. hastalandırarak Tıp: sickening
  2. hastalan fiil : sickening
  3. tiksindirici : sickening
  4. mide bulandırıcı : sickening
  5. sicken hastalan/hasta et : sickening
  6. sickeningly tiksindirici surette : sickening
  7. hastalık getiren : sickening
  8. kusturucu : sickening
  9. Hastalık (bulantı) getiren Tıp: sickening
  10. iğrenç sıfat : sickening
  11. berbat sıfat : sickening
  12. bıktırıcı sıfat : sickening
  13. korkunç sıfat : sickening
Italian - English

Definition of disgustante, disgustoso, rivoltante in Italian English dictionary

  1. sickening
English - English

Definition of disgustante, disgustoso, rivoltante in English English dictionary

    Releted Terms
  1. Causing sickness or disgust : sickening
  2. Present participle of sicken : sickening
  3. Present participle of to sicken : sickening
  4. causing or able to cause nausea; "a nauseating smell"; "nauseous offal"; "a sickening stench" : sickening
  5. Causing sickness; specif : sickening
  6. causing sickness, nauseating; disgusting, revolting, repulsive sıfat : sickening
  7. You describe something as sickening when it gives you feelings of horror or disgust, or makes you feel sick in your stomach. This was a sickening attack on a pregnant and defenceless woman : sickening
  8. causing surfeit or disgust; nauseating : sickening
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