English - Turkish

  1. mide bulandırıcı sickening
  2. hastalık getiren sickening
  3. sicken hastalan/hasta et sickening
  4. kusturucu sickening
  5. hastalandırarak Tıp sickening
  6. sickeningly tiksindirici surette sickening
  7. hastalan fiil sickening
  8. korkunç sıfat sickening
  9. iğrenç sıfat sickening
  10. tiksindirici sıfat sickening
  11. berbat sıfat sickening
  12. bıktırıcı sıfat sickening
  13. Hastalık (bulantı) getiren Tıp sickening

Italian - English

  1. sickening

English - English

  1. Causing sickness or disgust sickening
  2. Present participle of sicken sickening
  3. Present participle of to sicken sickening
  4. causing or able to cause nausea; "a nauseating smell"; "nauseous offal"; "a sickening stench" sickening
  5. Causing sickness; specif sickening
  6. causing sickness, nauseating; disgusting, revolting, repulsive sıfat sickening
  7. You describe something as sickening when it gives you feelings of horror or disgust, or makes you feel sick in your stomach. This was a sickening attack on a pregnant and defenceless woman sickening
  8. causing surfeit or disgust; nauseating sickening

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