English - Turkish

  1. su tasarrufu (water conservation)
  2. su koruma (water conservation)

French - English

  1. water conservation

English - English

  1. In many areas of the East, summer brings with it water restrictions Before this can threaten the health of your plantings of trees, shrubs and perennial flowers, put a mulch down around all planted areas The best time to do this is right after a good soaking rain Use several inches of shredded bark, bark chips, peat moss, composted leaves, etc Keep the mulch an inch or sow away from the stems of your plants You'll conserve soil moisture and keep roots cool, too (water conservation)
  2. Activities designed to reduce the demand for water, improve efficiency in use, and reduce losses and waste of water (Beecher and Laubach, 1989) (water conservation)
  3. The physical control, protection, management, and use of water resources in such a way as to maintain crop, grazing, and forest lands, vegetative cover, wildlife, and wildlife habitat for maximum sustained benefits to people, agriculture, industry, commerce, and other segments of the national economy Water conservation measures result in a reduction in applied water due to more efficient water use such as the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMP)Urban Water Use, or Efficient Water Management Practices (EWMP)Agricultural Water Use The extent to which these actions actually create a savings in water supply depends on how they affect new water use and depletion ADVANCE \x 540 (water conservation)
  4. the conservation of water resources (water conservation)
  5. The care, preservation, protection and wise use of water (water conservation)
  6. Protecting and preserving the amount of water you use (water conservation)
  7. The wise use of water with methods ranging from more efficient practices in farm, home and industry to capturing water for use through water storage or conservation projects (water conservation)
  8. Activities designed to reduce the demand for water, improve efficiency in use, and reduce the waste of water (water conservation)
  9. the act of using only as much water as is needed; the protection and wise use of water (water conservation)
  10. Conserving, or reduce the waste of, water (water conservation)
  11. Those practices that encourage consumers to reduce the use of water The extent to which these practices actually create savings in water depends on the total or basin-wide use of water (water conservation)


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