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Tenses: cobwebs, cobwebbing, cobwebbed

cobweb site
cobweb spider
cobweb spiders
cobweb theoiem
cobweb theorem
Etymology: [ 'käb-"web ] (noun.) 14th century. From the Middle English coppeweb. From coppe (spider), from attercoppe, from Old English āttercoppe, from ātor (poison) + copp (head); + web (web).
Synonyms: fiber, gossamer, labyrinth, mesh, net, network, snare, tissue, toil, web, webbing
1 örümcek ağı  isim
2 dayanıksız şey
3 örümcek ağ
4 hile
5 temizlenmesi gereken pislik
6 örümcek ağının teli
7 tuzak
8 örümcek ağları
9 kuruntu
10 zihin karışıklığı
11 ağ  isim
12 dayanıklı olmayan herhangi bir şey
13 örümcek,örümcek ağı
14 örümcek aği
15cobwebbed örümcek ağı ile kaplanmış
16cobwebbed (sıfat) örümcek ağı ile kaplanmış
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17 An intricate plot
18 a web page that either has not been updated for a long time, or that is rarely visited
19 One of its filaments; gossamer
20 A spiderweb, or the remains of one, especially an asymmetrical one that is woven with an irregular pattern of threads
21 network of threads spun by a spider  isim
22 filaments from a cobweb
23 A cobweb is the net which a spider makes for catching insects
24 a dense elaborate spider web that is more efficient than the orb web
25 If something blows or clears away the cobwebs, it makes you feel more mentally alert and lively when you had previously been feeling tired. a walk on the South Downs to blow away the cobwebs
26 a dense elaborate spider web that is more efficient than the orb web filaments from a cobweb
27 The European spotted flycatcher
28 That which is thin and unsubstantial, or flimsy and worthless; rubbish
29 A snare of insidious meshes designed to catch the ignorant and unwary
30 The network spread by a spider to catch its prey
31cobwebby Resembling a cobweb
32cobwebby Having many cobwebs
33cobwebbed Abounding in cobwebs
34cobwebbed A cobwebbed surface is covered with cobwebs. cobwebbed racks of wine bottles
35cobwebbed resembling the web spun by a spider; covered with spider webs  sıfat
36cobwebby Abounding in cobwebs, or any fine web; resembling a cobweb
37cobwebs plural of cobweb
38cobwebs (Slang) confusion, lack of order  isim
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