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butter fingers
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1 tereyağı parmaklar
2butterfingers sakar kimse
3butterfingers kaygan parmaklı
4butterfingers (isim) sakar kimse
5butterfingers i., k.dili. sakar kimse
6 A clumsy person who always drops things, a klutz
7butterfingers someone who is clumsy or uncoordinated; a klutz; someone who tends to drop things - "I am such a butterfingers. That's the third drink I've spilled today."
8Butterfingers a type of chocolate bar in the US which has a hard centre made from peanut butter. someone who often drops things they are carrying or trying to catch
9butterfingers clumsy person; good-for-nothing  isim
10butterfingers someone who drops things (especially one who cannot catch a ball)