English - Turkish

  1. emzirmek
  2. anne sütü (breastfed)
  3. emziren (breastfeeding)
  4. meme vermek (breast-feed)
  5. emzir (breastfed)

English - English

  1. To feed a baby milk via the breasts; to suckle
  2. give suck to; "The wetnurse suckled the infant"; "You cannot nurse your baby in public in some places
  3. Present participle of breastfeed (breastfeeding)
  4. The activity of feeding a baby or young child milk from the breast of a lactating woman (breastfeeding)
  5. nursing (breastfeeding.)
  6. feed a baby milk from a breast, suckle, nurse a baby fiil (breast-feed)
  7. When a woman breast-feeds her baby, she feeds it with milk from her breasts, rather than from a bottle. Not all women have the choice whether or not to breast feed their babies Leading scientists claim breast-fed babies are intellectually brighter. = suckle + breast-feeding breast-feeding There are many advantages to breast feeding. if a woman breastfeeds, she feeds her baby with milk from her breast rather than from a bottle = nurse suckle, bottle-feed bottle-feed (breast-feed)
  8. past of breastfeed (breastfed)
  9. third-person singular of breastfeed (breastfeeds)

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    Tenses: breastfeeding, breastfed
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