Portuguese - Turkish

  1. timsali
  2. bonbon

Portuguese - English

  1. goody

English - English

  1. Used to indicate pleasure or delight (goody)
  2. Any small, usually free, item (goody)
  3. A small amount of something good to eat (goody)
  4. shortening of goodwife, a 17th century puritan honorific (goody)
  5. A bonbon, cake, or the like; usually in the pl (goody)
  6. You can refer to the heroes or the morally good characters in a film or story as the goodies. You can also refer to the goodies in a situation in real life. the thriller, a genre which depends on goodies and baddies = good guy baddy. a word used by children to express pleasure or excitement (goody)
  7. You can refer to pleasant, exciting, or attractive things as goodies. a little bag of goodies (goody)
  8. something considered choice to eat (goody)
  9. Goodwife; a low term of civility or sport (goody)
  10. An American fish; the lafayette or spot (goody)
  11. Weakly or sentimentally good; affectedly good; often in the reduplicated form goody-goody (goody)
  12. something sweet (such as candy, cake, etc.) isim (goody)


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