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Have you taken out a subscription to any magazine? - Herhangi bir dergi için abonelik aldın mı?

being a subscriber; payment given for regularly scheduled performances or publications i.e. magazine
subscription fee
subscription, being a subscriber
(telephone exchange) capable of handling (a given number) of numbers; (a gas, water, or electric line) capable of serving (a given number) of customers: beş yüz abonelik bir telefon santralı a telephone exchange which can handle five hundred numbers
(a publication) which is sold by subscription (as opposed to being sold on the open market)
having ... subscribers
concert series
(Bilgisayar) subscribed to
(Bilgisayar) substitution
abonelik durumu
status of subscription
abonelik işlemi
request for subscription
abonelik işlemi
subscription work
abonelik işlemi
subscription procedure
abonelik numarası
subscription number/code
(Bilgisayar) subscriptions
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