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  1. kudos

English - English

  1. Praise; accolades - "The talented, young playwright received kudos for his new drama." (kudos)
  2. plural form of kudo (kudos)
  3. Credit for one's achievements (kudos)
  4. Glory; fame; renown; praise (kudos)
  5. Kudos is admiration or recognition that someone or something gets as a result of a particular action or achievement. a new hotel chain that has won kudos for the way it treats guests. the state of being admired and respected for being important or for doing something important (kydos) (kudos)
  6. an expression of approval and commendation; "he always appreciated praise for his work" (kudos)
  7. To praise; to extol; to glorify (kudos)
  8. glory, praise, honor isim (kudos)

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