Çocuk düşürmek, düşük yapmak;

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Definition of Çocuk düşürmek, düşük yapmak; in Turkish English dictionary

  1. abort Tıp
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Definition of Çocuk düşürmek, düşük yapmak; in English English dictionary

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  1. To jettison a load of water or retardant from an aircraft : Abort
  2. This term refers to transactions that do not complete Any changes made by a transaction that is aborted, for whatever reason, must be undone Once a transaction is undone (rolled back), no evidence that the transaction was ever attempted remains outside of records in the transaction processing system's log See also rolled back : Abort
  3. To terminate abruptly in the middle of a computer operation : Abort
  4. Terminate a transaction so that all protected resources, such as database records, have the same value they had at the beginning of the transaction : Abort
  5. To cancel or cut short a mission : Abort
  6. to cancel an attempt The Space Shuttle has several abort options, including an emergency return to the launch site to an "abort to orbit" (see ATO) : Abort
  7. a reserved word used in an abort statement to terminate execution of a task and other tasks dependent upon it 6 3, A 1 : Abort
  8. Premature terminatation of a program because of an error that has made further execution of the program impossible A successful abort will at least save the file The worst scenario is a crash : Abort
  9. To cut short or break off an action, operation, or procedure with a vehicle, especially when a piece of equipment fails : Abort
  10. A telephoned voice call or an electronically transmitted message, with appropriate safeguards as to authenticity, that indi-cates a just-transmitted alarm event is not to be reacted to as an emergency An abort is also a procedure to prevent an alarm signal from being sent to the monitoring facility : Abort
  11. Cancels a file while it is still active The other party will be informed that the file was cancelled and not completely received : Abort
  12. uci A capability that cancels all user entries in a defined transaction sequence [MIL-HDBK-1908B] : Abort
  13. Do not use Preferred term is cancel : Abort
  14. Terminating the acceleration process prematurely, either by inhibiting the injection mechanism or by removing circulating beam to some sort of dump This is generally done to prevent injury to some personnel or damage to accelerator components : Abort
  15. The termination of computer program execution prior to its completion [SRV] (see also failure) : Abort
  16. To terminate a preplanned aircraft maneuver; e g , an aborted takeoff : Abort
  17. 1 To cut short or break off an action, operation, or procedure with an aircraft, space vehicle, or the like, especially because of equipment failure, as to abort a mission, the launching was aborted : Abort
  18. If an unborn baby is aborted, the pregnancy is ended deliberately and the baby is not born alive. Her lover walked out on her after she had aborted their child. tissue from aborted fetuses : abort
  19. If someone aborts a process, plan, or activity, they stop it before it has been completed. The decision was made to abort the mission : abort
  20. end a pregnancy; cancel, call off; fail; (Computers) stop a procedure in progress or a program in operation (especially suddenly or abnormally) fiil : abort
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