English - Turkish

  1. sinsi sinsi furtiveness i gizlilik
  2. şüphe uyandıran
  3. sinsi
  4. şüpheli/gizli
  5. s gizli
  6. kaçamaklı
  7. hırsızlama
  8. gizli
  9. kaçamak
  10. kaçak
  11. el altından Kanun
  12. sinsi furtively z gizlice
  13. sinsilik (furtiveness)
  14. hırsız gibi (furtively)
  15. sinsice (furtively)
  16. gizlice (furtively)
  17. şüpheli/gizli bir şekilde (furtively)
  18. gizlilik (furtiveness)

English - English

  1. Exhibiting guilty or evasive secrecy - "But that was merely a piece of furtive knowledge which he happened to possess because his memory was not satisfactorily under control."
  2. stealthy
  3. surreptitious (i.e. a glance); secret, stealthy; sly, shifty sıfat
  4. marked by quiet and caution and secrecy; taking pains to avoid being observed; "a furtive manner"; "a lurking prowler"; "a sneak attack"; "stealthy footsteps"; "a surreptitious glance at his watch"; "someone skulking in the shadows"
  5. having hidden motives
  6. disapproval If you describe someone's behaviour as furtive, you disapprove of them behaving as if they want to keep something secret or hidden. With a furtive glance over her shoulder, she unlocked the door and entered the house. behaving as if you want to keep something secret = secretive (furtif, from fur )
  7. secret and sly or sordid; "backstairs gossip"; "his low backstairs cunning"- A L Guerard; "backstairs intimacies"; "furtive behavior"
  8. Stolen; obtained or characterized by stealth; sly; secret; stealthy; as, a furtive look
  9. in a furtive manner; "the soldiers were furtively crawling through the night (furtively)
  10. In a furtive manner (furtively)
  11. Stealthily by theft (furtively)
  12. in a furtive manner; "the soldiers were furtively crawling through the night" (furtively)
  13. secretly, stealthily; slyly, shiftily (furtively)
  14. The quality of being furtive (furtiveness)
  15. elusiveness, sneakiness; craftiness, slyness isim (furtiveness)
  16. a disposition to be sly and stealthy and to do things surreptitiously (furtiveness)


About This Word

    Etymology: [ 'f&r-tiv ] (adjective.) 1612. From French furtif (“stealthy”), From Latin fūrtīvus (“stolen”), from fūrtum (“theft”), from fūr (“thief”).
    Synonyms: artful, calculating, cautious, circumspect, clandestine, cloaked, conspiratorial, covert, crafty, creepy, cunning, disguised, elusive, evasive, foxy, guileful, hidden, hush-hush, insidious, masked
    Antonyms: aboveboard, forthright, honest, open, truthful
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